A Journey

This album is a cross section of my experiences – little glimpses into the gut responses I had to what life brought me. The songs seem to mysteriously apply to multitudes of people who, like me have tripped on their own words and regretted what they said, or found themselves waking up in a hospital, or felt the sweet nostalgia of walking by their childhood home, the intense pain of losing a loved one or the deep stirring in the heart to know and love Jesus. These experiences can’t be explained with mere words for me. Music helps me express these things and allows me to be grateful for even the painful stuff and to be able to move on and look forward to my heavenly home.

~ Mary Loeffelbein

“I met Producer Brandon Bee several years ago when he was producing an album for my student Holly Starr.  We have been friends since.  Having the chance to work with him now is an incredible experience, a joy.  We spent many months working on the album, collaborating together in short bursts as I had to travel to his studio in Utah to record.

It was a labor of love.  The songs we selected for the album come from my life.  There is worship, of course, but there are songs of overcoming grief, illness and yes even anger, songs of nostalgia and songs of hope.

3 times I made the decision to lay this down and stop working on the album.  3 times God used people and circumstances to tell me “keep going”. I know now that this was what I was supposed to do.

Once the recording was completed it was out of my hands and went to mixing, mastering and – I don’t know what all!  Meanwhile I worked with a photographer on the CD cover artwork and the liner in the case to tell some stories for each song.

Brandon says this is not the usual album.  He says I am ‘left of center’.  He says this is a ‘Concept’ album.  It is life in song.  My life.  The human condition if you will.  I do not write songs for the sake of songs.  I write emotions for the sake of sanity.  It just comes out in songs.”