Finding the combination of humility and excellence is hard, but you will find it in Mary Loeffelbein! Getting the opportunity to learn from her was absolutely foundational for me — nothing short of a gift from God!

~ Holly Starr, Christian Recording Artist

I bought the digital download. Heading home from a Doctor Appointment, I hit “play” on my phone. BLOWN AWAY by the songs. Then “The Street Where I Lived” came on. I had to pull my car over. It touched my heart and brought back childhood memories. Had a good cry. Thank you so much.

~ Kathryn Rose

Over the past 9 years I have had the opportunity to get to know and work with Mary Loeffelbein. She is a powerhouse of a musician and is an extremely gifted educator. As a private music instructor and church music minister she has had an extraordinarily positive influence on the lives of countless people in our community. She is also one of the most generous, faith-filled people I know. Her love of God is apparent to all who meet her and has shaped her life into what it is today. Mary is always open to God’s will in her life and is continually looking for new ways in which to serve Him. I consider myself lucky to have her as a colleague and even more so as a friend.

~ Tim O’Donnell, EHS Choral Teacher

When A Journey arrived we opened it to listen to it for the first time and my husband was immediately attracted to the title song, sensing the train in the music. I found myself singing, “The Street Where I Lived” to myself after one listen, and the song “Lost”, well, it is just so true and sad. I am glad Mary Loeffelbein has finally recorded her music for those of us not close enough to hear her locally.

~ Judi Ramsey

We were all so very blessed by your workshop, and in so many ways. Everyone is still talking about the way you discipled and nurtured the vocalists, far beyond the vocalizing and performing songs. Your ministry will surely have a deep and lasting impact on our team, and we look forward to partnering again in the future. Praying for God’s blessings on you and your family, and your studio and ministry.

~ Jason Ritchie, Music Director, Crossroads Calvary Chapel Church

After telling friends and family about Mary’s ministry for the last twenty one years, it’s great to have the album as a reference tool as well. What she does in a concert/worship setting is personal, professional, and intimate. It’ll be fun to see where these new paths take her.

~ Pastor Rory Lewellyn

Mary’s music is the kind that truly speaks to you – the kind you don’t just hear, but also feel. Some of her songs will give you goosebumps! In a world filled with autotune and “mechanical” hits, to find music that is organic and real is truly awesome. Mary also instills this in her studio, and anyone who has seen Mary’s students perform knows she has been successful!

~ Eric Ping